DBKL removes bicycle lane separators amid backlash


KUALA LUMPUR City Hall (DBKL) has ordered an immediate removal of bicycle lane separators placed along bicycle lanes, measuring 11km, in the city.

The lane separators which measure about 5cm in height, 40cm in length and 10cm wide, were recently placed along the lanes painted in blue, specially designated for bicycles.

They were supposed purpose to safely separate slower-moving cyclists from the main traffic flow of cars and motorcycles.

However, their installation drew flak from road users and Netizens due to the the danger they posed, such as causing motorcyclists to lose control of their vehicles and causing crashes.

Following the criticism on social media, over City Hall’S project management executive director Datuk Mahadi Che Ngah, said he had ordered the lane separators to be removed.

Bicycles lanes were introduced in conjunction with the 9th World Urban Forum to be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre here from Feb 7 to 13.

They were aimed at promoting a healthier lifestyle among city folk, and for them to cycle from one location to another in the heart of the city.

“City Hall is removing the lane separators for safety reasons. The decision was made today (yesterday).”

“Their installation has drawn a lot of criticism and we have decided to review the issue for the safety of road users.”

However, checks conducted along Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Ampang by the New Straits Times showed that only some bicycle lanes had the lane the separators. Two hours after City Hall’s announcement, its workers were seen dismantling the separators.

Earlier, motorists, especially motorcyclists, had criticised the separators, saying that they could cause accidents.

Khen HM said on Facebook: “From road safety perspective, this is a serious risk to cyclists and motorcyclists as it could lead to serious injuries or even death in the event of accidents, especially in the dark or when it rains.”

Another Facebook user, Steven Chen, wrote: “The authority should conduct a risk assessment and evaluate the probability of the said risk. What was the objective of installing this equipment? Just for the sake of preventing motorist entering the blue zone? Why not install traffic bollard instead at athe cheaper cost? Is there any other solution? Now having said that, it seems the authority intends to remove it. Isn’t doesn’t this a waste of public funds, time and energy?“

Netizens also also also questioned the relevance of the bicycle lanes and paint used.

They said they might not be suitable for motorcycle tyres, especially in wet conditions.

The installation of the lane separators drew negative comments from Netizens after photographs of a man, who allegedly slipped and injured himself at the bicycle lane near Maju Junction and Jalan Sultan Ismail, went viral.

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