Aidijuma takes new approach to sell headscarves


SHAH ALAM: Colors Addiction Sdn Bhd, which produces and distributes the Aidijuma brand of headscarves, has taken a new approach to sell its products nationwide via mobile trucks.

Dubbed as Scarf Machines, Aidijuma founder Norjuma Habib Mohamed said the new business module combines the elements of retail and online sales making it easier for customers to buy the headscarvces.

"After customers make their online purchase, we will send their orders using the trucks which is already adorned with all sorts of headscarves designed by Aidijuma.

Customers are then given the opportunity to look at all the products on board the truck and they can make on the spot purchases if they like," she said in a statement recently at the launch of Scarf Machines.

Norjuma said the company aims to expand Scarf Machines operations to Sabah and Sarawak by beefing up its fleet of trucks.

"For now we have 12 trucks and we plan to add eight more Scarf Machines in Sabah and Sarawak.

Norjuma said due to the new way of doing business, the company has already closed seven of its concept stores to focus on the new business module which Aidijuma believes is the way forward to ride on the digital age.

"After five years of operations, we took this approach to be closer to our customers and offer them our latest products direct to them.

This integrated approach which combines retail and online shopping will be Aidijuma's future business module," said Norjuma.

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